Michela (mhfromnh) wrote,

Hot Topic is dead

on Monday I went to the mall, as I've done so many times before. everything was normal. until I passed by Hot Topic.
when I was younger and liked to think I was rebellious, I would venture in and occasionally buy something. I'm pretty sure my kickass Sex Pistols tee was purchased there. back then, the store was filled with punk, goth, and metal apparel and accessories. there was a male-to-female transgendered cashier. the walls and ceiling-tiles were all black. it was naughty and it pissed off my mother.
as I got older, Hot Topic seemed to change. more and more emo stuff was popping up in there, and then the scene hooey was in the window displays. Twilight tee-shirts. Avril Lavigne.
and then, it happened.
this week, in the window, I saw not one, not two, but tree Justin Bieber tee-shirts.
goodbye Hot Topic. you had a great run.
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