Michela (mhfromnh) wrote,

so the parents went up snowmobiling for the weekend. because of this, the past three nights were nights that I'd be ok with my sister and Subway having a sleepover since I could just steal my mom's bed. but how does she spend the weekend? at his place. she's spent all of 45 minutes at home the past few days, which isn't a problem. except he doesn't have a license at the moment and so they're taking the only car at home, leaving me stranded in a house with naught but cereal to survive on. meanwhile she's off on gastronomical adventures and can't be bothered to bring me a goddamn sandwich. I haven't eaten meat in days. not good for the ol' digestive system. and I just know that the moment the parents come home and I have to sleep on the other side of the wall again is when she'll decide it's high time for a sleepover.
and now here I am, next door, babysitting the most high-maintenance eleven year old boy on the face of the earth who's "sick" but probably just doesn't want to go to school. I missed all of one day in my three years of middle school. he's lucky his mother feels guilty about having to be working Monday to Friday every week, though I'm sure it bothers her more than him that she can't spend much time with him. and the dog is pissing me off, whining about every gust of wind. I need one of those electronic gadget things that makes dogs shut up.
Tags: rant
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