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one thing that will always bother me is how people can say one thing to your face and then something completely different when you're not around.
six years ago, I had let loose on my aunt after holding my tongue for 17 years. I let her know that I thought it was wrong of her to buy presents for my sister and never for me. my cousins told me that they were proud of me for saying it, especially since it was the truth. but then my sister tells me years later that they were among the family members talking about how spoiled and selfish I was for saying that to her.
I really wish people would just say upfront "hey, I really don't like this and here's why" is that so hard? if I knew what makes someone upset, I would make sure not to upset them. but when they hide it from you, how can you be considerate of their feelings?
hocus pocus sarah

whoa. dude.

I just watched the clock go from 1:59 to 1:00.
I'm trippin' balls man.
my hands are huge.
I can feel all the molecules in my body.

tha finger

f off world. f off.

apparently, I just piss everyone off. not sure what I did wrong half the time, and the other half it's not even that bad. have people become too sensitive? would seem so. my mother gets mad at me for being tired, my sister gets pissy with me just because my mother is mad, and my step-dad just has diarrhea of the mouth combined with constipation of the brain. I'd move out if only I had the resources.
and now it spreads here. I have been virtually scolded for doing the same things that so many others do. is there a bulls-eye painted on me and I just can't see it?
I guess I should just talk to animals. they don't bitch.